Allow the Sacred Fire to burn away the fears, limitations and darkness within and watch your life unfold to ever new levels of magnificence.

This Fire Blessing Ceremony is designed to cleanse your electromagnetic field, literally burn up karma and open up energy blockages in your etheric body. This will have amazing benefits for your physical health and your life. It is also an amazing tool to assist in your spiritual awakening.


Who would benefit from this Event?

  • People who have lost passion for life.
  • Children who are restless or have nightmares.
  • Parents whose children suffer from nightmares.
  • People with aches and pains.
  • Those who wake up feeling life is too hard.
  • People with disturbed sleep.
  • People who are looking for joy in their life.
  • People who feel stuck in life and have difficulty moving to the next level.
  • Anyone who has a body smiley-face-20

Antonia Ruhl was initiated as a Tribal Medicine Woman and a Fire Magus by the Medicine Man of the Brazilian Kayapo tribe.

Fire ceremonies have been an integral part of every ancient civilization. Fire is the great cleanser of life. It burns away everything that does not serve us and leaves only the pure spiritual essence that is our true nature.

Antonia Ruhl has performed fire ceremonies for Hollywood celebrities and people from every walk of life.

Feel the joy, feel the love, feel the fire.


Shamanic Fire Blessing Ceremony


Online Registrations are now closed.

You can still make cash payment at the venue tonight

Registration: 6.30pm. Start: 7.00pm