Join Shaman and Tribal Medicine Woman Antonia Ruhl on a journey into your past lives.

  • Resolve past trauma that is holding you back in this life. Gain clarity of your Soul journey.
  • Understand and release connections with the past that are no longer serving you.
  • Break free from unwanted feelings, habits and emotions that stop you from really living the life you desire by understanding information stored in your unconscious mind.
  • Learn to create your life through powerful choices and letting go of self-sabotage mechanisms.
  • Learn how to let go of past disappointments and pain in relationships.
  • Access skills, talents and knowledge from past incarnations.
  • Rewrite past-life contracts: Part of our karma involving another person may stem from a promise or agreement made in a past life with that person, such as “I’ll never leave you.” A constant lack of money may be due to a past vow of poverty. Making these past choices conscious enables you to make new choices and adjustments to past choices that will best serve you at this stage of your journey.