Antonia Ruhl

In shamanic tradition, Shamans are born, not taught. The mantle of Shaman is passed from generation to generation and along with it all of the magical secrets of the spirit world.


Life, however, is anything but predictable. Just ask Antonia Ruhl.

Antonia Ruhl was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. A jungle for sure, but the urban kind.

It took Antonia Ruhl almost five years to figure out that nobody but her could see or talk to her “invisible” friends. These friends had been her constant companions from birth. They were her teachers and friends.

As the years went by many new teachers would emerge, some non-physical and some physical.

Dr Antonia Ruhl, PhD is one of the few privileged women that have been initiated as a Tribal Medicine Woman. This great honor was bestowed upon Antonia Ruhl by the Medicine Man of the Amazon Kayapo tribe, after she passed many challenging tests and because the Medicine Man believed her to be the reincarnation of her great-grandmother who had been a Medicine Woman of the Kayapo tribe.

Antonia Ruhl lived with the Kayapo Indians for two years before the Medicine Man told her it was time to leave and take the sacred knowledge entrusted to her to the outside world.

Over the years Antonia Ruhl has initiated thousands of spiritual seekers across five continents into various aspects of the sacred shamanic knowledge and teachings entrusted to her.