Earth Healer Academy Vision

The Spiritual Awakening of Humanity and recognition that Every Human Being is a Spiritual Being Having a Human Experience.

This realisation of our inherent Spiritual Nature will lead to World Peace, Global Prosperity and the Healing of Planet Earth.

Earth Healer Academy Mission

To assist in the Transforming of our Planet by providing State-of-the-Art Personal and Spiritual Development Programs which will accelerate the Spiritual Awakening of Humanity.

Earth Healer Academy Formation & Sponsorship

Klaus and Antonia Ruhl were guided to form the Earth Healer Academy in 1995.

The Earth Healer Academy is sponsored by the “Oracles of Light”.

The Oracles of Light are the governing council of the “Great White Brotherhood”.

Antonia Ruhl Mini Bio

She was born in Brazil where she first trained as a dancer at a young age. At the age of 8 she started performing as a dancer in a popular Early Childhood Development TV program, the Club of Captain Wings, produced by Wilson Vienna.

Antonia’s passion for life, dancing and the adventure of life led her to a successful career in modeling, acting and dancing. As a dancer she learned how to release stress and tension from the body.

She spent over two years living in the Amazon jungle with the native Kayapo tribe and studied the art of healing with Amazonian herbs.

Antonia Ruhl came to Australia in her early twenties and started practicing holistic therapies in Melbourne in 1990.

Her clinic, Natural Stress Therapy, now focuses on holistic fertility management using Amazonian remedies and other holistic therapies.

Antonia Ruhl has been a feature writer for a Melbourne newspaper and is the author of two books; “The Game of Life” and “You Are Only Two Millimetres Away”.

Her fascination with human development led to her to the study of philosophy and Behavioural Science. Antonia Ruhl holds a PhD in Philosophy and is a certified Counsellor. She is also a certified Hypnotherapist, by the American Board of Hypnotherapy and a Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming certified by the American Board of NLP.

Over the years Antonia has studied a large variety of other therapeutic techniques and processes but her passion is to “Heal the Heart”, both of her clients and of humanity as a whole.

In 1995 Antonia and her husband Klaus formed the Earth Healer Academy and have since conducted seminars and workshops for thousands of participants across five continents.

Antonia focuses on healing the Heart to restore health, vitality and creativity and empower her clients to create the life of their dreams.