Tools for Rapid Expansion

Workshops and Products designed to rapidly accelerate your journey of personal development.

Shamanic Fire Blessing

Allow the Sacred Fire to burn away the fears, limitations and darkness within and watch your life unfold to ever new levels of magnificence.

Conscious Creator

Transform your Communication!
Transform your Relationships!
Transform your Life!

Secrets of Creating Your Dream Life

New Strategies to Improve Your Life For the Better.
What would you improve if you could?
Finances, Relationships, Health, Spirituality

Theta State Higher Brain Expansion

Unleash your creativity and other higher brain functions and live to your full potential.

The Earth Healer Academy was formed in 1995 by Klaus & Antonia Ruhl
Antonia Ruhl

Antonia Ruhl


Antonia is a shaman and a true healer of the heart. She realized very early in her life that she was born to serve humanity. This realization took her on a lifelong journey of self-exploration and self-development.

Klaus Ruhl

Klaus Ruhl


Klaus is a certified Trainer and Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Time Line Therapy™. His passion is to assist others in discovering their true potential, which is virtually limitless.


Mario Laing


2017 has been one of my best ever years in terms of achievements and dreams coming true... I believe that a huge reason for this has been attending this fire ceremony ... it really really works people

Jane Cowling

Virgin Australia

I was delighted to participate Klaus Ruhl”s NLP Practioner Certification Training. The training offered me the practical skills to not only improve my own life but assist others in being able to do the same.

Clinton Kopittke


Klaus Ruehl is a great teacher, mentor and man of integrity. I would highly encourage everyone to study with him. His courses are truly amazing and life changing!!
By far the best training I have ever done.

Isabela Melca


Antonia is a perpetually happy person. She carries happiness like an Aura. She shares this happiness with everyone near her. She sparkles love all around the world.
She teaches us how to find good things in the catastrophe and shows us the beauty that is difficult to see.
I am very thankful for what she has taught me.

JJ St Michael

JJ St Michael

Bishop & Psychotherapist

Klaus is a true Master. A great Master Hypnotherapist and a Spiritual Master in his own right.

Janice Collins


When you are ready to take hold of your Personal Power you are ready to do Klaus” NLP training. Klaus is a wealth of knowledge and expertise. Klaus helps you release your own baggage to free you to be fully present to experience life now.



What is Religion

The purpose of all major world religions was to restore you to your natural state as a conscious Spiritual Being. That purpose has been forgotten and distorted to some degree or other in all of Read more…


What Is Your Lightbody?

“The Universe consists of frozen light” – David Bohm, Quantum Physicist   Those who have difficulty reconciling spirituality with science would be well advised to read up on modern scientific discoveries about the world we Read more…

Energy Healing

What is Vital Force?

Roget’s Thesaurus defines Vital Force as follows: The vital principle or animating force within living beings: breath, divine spark, élan vital, life force, psyche, soul, spirit, vitality. The vital force has been given many names Read more…

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